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Speed Demon

They're a place where your guests can take a break from the small talk, but they're by no means a chill-out zone.

Race in Melbourne or around the world in Formula One, Gran Turismo, or in fact any souped-up vehicle from Model T Fords at the dawn of the auto era, through 1960s muscle cars, to today's state-of-the-art V8 Supercars.

Wrap your hands tightly around the real leather wheel that gives you a full 900 degrees of force-feedback control.  Slam on the steel pedals for an instant, true-to-life response.  Feel your car's weight shift and tyres slip as you jostle for position on the corners.  Experience potholes as if they were right there under your feet.  And be wrapped up in the hyper-realistic audio that makes your genuine racing seat vibrate with the action.

Speed Demon is a completely immersive experience - it's so realistic that you may even think you've felt the wind in your hair. 

So take a seat, put on your racing gloves and get ready to feel the power when the rubber meets the road.  With Speed Demon you're not playing games, you're racing.


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